10 Trends changing travel in a big way

With a taste for the finer things in life and a desire to share experiences via social media, today’s travelers, Generation X, Y, or even Z, are not afraid of mixing things up for a little adventure. From action packed vacations to an ever-growing fondness for all things local, check out these top 10 travel trends that are changing travel in a big way.

1. Travel with family: No, not a simple vacation with the immediate family, we’re talking about multi-generational family travel. From cruises with European cruises and African safaris to road trips and luxury family vacations, whether it’s a milestone birthday or an anniversary, travel isn’t just an opportunity to discover the world, but also an excuse to spend some quality bonding time with the extended family.

2. Active and immersive experience: Forget idling the day away on a beach, Gen X travelers are looking for out of the ordinary, active, and immersive experiences in exotic destinations across the world.

3. Health inspired travel: Kale, superfoods, and quinoa are a regular part of today’s travelers’ everyday vocabulary. No longer seen as an excuse to overindulge, travelers look at travel as a means to disconnect, recharge and refresh by maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, even miles away from home.

4. Bigger and better experiences: Millennials grew up with social media so It should come as no surprise that social media plays a big part in their travel destinations. Instagram is filled with inspiration and everyone is looking to share their experiences and evoke envy in others. Go big or go home could very well be the motto for these travelers who will travel far and wide for big festivals like Art Basel, Coachella, or Burning Man.

5. Authenticity: Travelers are trading in Michelin stars for local eateries serving authentic, regional cuisine. Sure, you won’t find white tablecloths at most of these restaurants but the food and vibes offer a bit of the heart and the soul of the city.

6. Recommendations from the hotel pros: Hotels are here to help and young travelers are looking to hotel recommendations now more than ever before. These are the community experts with the best personalized tips on where to go, what to do, and how to experience the city as a local.  

7. Local Guides: Speaking of locals, in addition to hotel recommendations, travelers are going directly to the locals to discover the things you won’t find in a guide book.

8. Food: This generation of foodies literally wants a taste of local culture and will most certainly travel for food. Rather than mapping out the day’s journey according to museums and monuments, these travelers are planning out their itineraries based on the culinary options.

9. Airbnb: An alternative to hotels, Airbnb is a new way for travelers to experience a city. Air BnB is attracting new waves of tourists and in turn, building up cities with new restaurants and commerce. Next time you visit Paris don’t be surprised to see a new crop of trendy restaurants opening up thanks to this boost in the tourism industry.

10. Mobile everything, everywhere: The mobile phone is without a doubt the best thing to happen not just to travelers but to the whole mobile industry. These devices have the potential to reach out directly to the travelers while giving hoteliers and the travel industry an amazing opportunity to instantly and directly connect, inspire, and offer the world in the palm of their hands. 

At Go Find It, we are very excited to be part of this transformation that is taking place right now in the world. With the potential for new opportunities that challenge the existing system, we believe that the future of travel looks exciting and promising for everyone. 

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