Content is key for mobile success

Imagine leafing through your favourite magazine or daily newspaper only to find the same text and content three days in a row. What would you do on the fourth day? Stop reading it? Cancel your subscription? The mobile world is no different and with content in an application, the same rules apply. This is precisely why most apps fail. Operating as a mere digital brochure or a booking engine in the hospitality industry, many apps ask nothing more than “Give me your credit card and maybe I’ll give you the room”. For these group applications or booking engines trying to go against the big leading companies like Booking.com, Princeline, or even Tripadvisor, they are doomed to failure as they often forget that Google is an algorithm that operates much like a gaming machine. It’s the equivalent of going to Las Vegas and thinking that you will beat the house, you simple can’t. Third party suppliers have been ahead of the game for too long.

The Solution: Why Content is Key

Very early after our launch in 2012 of the Go Find It application, we quickly realized that destination driven lifestyle content displayed in the native language of the user creates engagement. Today, potential guests use applications not only to make bookings or look at specific hotel features, but as a way to enhance their entirestay. This means that applications are actually used pre, during, and most importantly, post stay. In short: it’s all about high quality content. Fresh, lifestyle destination driven content that is relevant, connects individuals, and updated 24/7 in multiple languages. This destination driven lifestyle content via an application is also an extremely powerful tool for hoteliers to use in social media. Content is necessary to drive social media, another vital communication tool to connect and engage with a target audience. It’s not rocket science and it’s all quite logical, but it is an absolutely key factor in achieving mobile success. 

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