ECOCAPSULE: Redefining dwelling with a spirit of freedom

Ecocapsule is the latest brainchild of Nice Architects, a young architectural studio based in Bratislava, Slovakia. Designing everything from private interiors, to public buildings and urban landscaping, their motto is simple: ‘Love and Logic’; They create out of love and never make something that does not make sense.

And what better area to apply this motto to than housing? By reimagining tried and tested approaches, they inject optimistic visions and fresh perspectives into their work, integrating news fields such as industrial design, technology, art, psychology, science, sociology and life itself as they go. Their goal? To combine beauty, functionality and humanity into one complex entity. 

So what does an Ecocapsule house look like? For one, it’s low-energy thanks to its compact form without sacrificing the basic creature comforts such as a warm bed, running water and a hot meal. 

What it lacks in size however, the Ecocapsule house makes up for in efficiency, comfortably housing two adults even in off-grid conditions. A built-in kitchenette with running water, toilet and hot shower provides you with the luxuries of a hotel room in the wilderness with plenty of storage space to boot. 

A built-in wind turbine complemented by an array of solar cells means you’re covered even for a prolonged stay without needing to recharge or re-supply the Ecocapsule’s energy supplies. Even if it’s raining, the dual power system and a high-capacity battery ensures you are covered during periods of reduced solar or wind activity. 

And best of all? It’s mobile. You can tow your new home to your dream location with a car, so what are you waiting for? Pack your bare essentials, hit the road and get ready to see the world like you’ve never seen it before! 

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