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The Story behind the Success of Westin Mauritius’ Mobile Campaign
Ramona Saroldi | 19 July

Roman Goetsch, General Manager of Westin Mauritius, talks about the positive experiences and feedback and the success of their hotel’s mobile application

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Seminar Highlights: The Future of Mobile
Ramona Saroldi | 7 July

The success of our latest seminar at Royal Monceau Raffles in Paris has generated an increasing amount of interest. Our

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Go Find It, Facebook and DMI Discuss the Future of Mobile
The World of Mobile by Go Find it, DMI And Facebook
Eugenia | 23 June

We had a great Seminar at Royal M Raffles last Tuesday, a great crowd and this is only the beginning.

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Mobile Strategies & Social Media for Hoteliers – SEMINAR by Go Find It
Eugenia | 17 June

These days, new businesses are emerging everywhere, with business strategies based around connecting people with services through mobile applications. No

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The Story Behind the Success of Grand Hyatt Seoul Going Mobile
Eugenia | 7 June

Date: 13th of May 2016 Interview with Adrian Slater, General Manager of the Grand Hyatt Seoul Hotel Interwiever: Leanne Ebens, PR

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Good News at Go Find It
Eugenia | 2 June

It has been a great time for Go Find It and our team. We feel a bit like the girl in

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Winning Strategy for Hospitality
Eugenia | 2 June

The World is Changing Fast These days, new businesses are emerging everywhere, with business strategies based around connecting people with

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Triple the Good News at Go Find It
Eugenia | 1 June

In the last two weeks three of our top performing clients, Sofitel the Palm Dubai, VIDA Downtown Dubai and Palazzo Versace Dubai, have

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The keys to throwing a great birthday party for your little ones
Eugenia | 20 May

  Here in Paris the warm days are around the corner (or so we hope), which means it is time

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The 5 Key Numbers to Measure the Performance of your Mobile Strategy
Eugenia | 19 May

About a decade ago booking. com conquered the Internet. Hoteliers ceded their territories of the information highway to a small startup

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Life lesson from … the bumblebee
Eugenia | 12 May

Did you know that bumblebees do something impossible every single day? According to the laws of aerodynamics, these adorable yellow

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monaco NL
Go Find It Launches First Hotel in Monaco
Eugenia | 11 May

At Go Find It we are very proud to launch the mobile application of The Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo and our first

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Best City Breaks in Europe
Eugenia | 29 April

Before you hop on the plane to get to your main destination of 2016, how about you check out a

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Travel Green!
Eugenia | 22 April

Ecotourism and sustainable tourism are getting more and more popular. The idea behind these types of tourism is to raise

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Top 30 Summer Destinations
Eugenia | 15 April

Summer vacations are undoubtedly the most awaited ones and we usually start planning them way in advance. Some of us

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Learn more about Sweden … in an interesting way!
Eugenia | 12 April

Have you ever wondered whether the Swedish meatballs should taste like the ones in Ikea? Is it really THAT cold

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Best Airport Restaurants
Eugenia | 7 April

The idea of eating at an airport usually makes travelers cringe — the airports are known for having poor quality meals

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Save the Planet and Pay for your Mobile Application at the Same Time
Eugenia | 30 March

In 2015 alone the hospitality industry spent over $400M on printing In Room Directories and promotional material for their properties.

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Selection of best holiday reads 2016
Eugenia | 22 March

Holiday reads are definitely the best reads. The books we take on vacation stay for a long time in our

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Top Spring Destinations
Eugenia | 15 March

The long-awaited spring has finally arrived! It is a wonderful time to start new projects, make travel plans and spend

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Kiev, Ukraine - July 31, 2011 - A woman using application with world map on Apple Ipad2. This second generation Ipad2 is designed and development by Apple inc. and launched in march 2011.
Mobile applications outperform mobile web in travel purchases
Eugenia | 19 February

We knew this moment would come and it is finally here. For the first time mobile applications have taken over

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unnamed (1)
Eugenia | 9 February

Last week we launched a full Chinese and Russian translation of the Sofitel The Palm app, opening up amazing new

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Caitlin Funk | 8 February

We are proud to announce that one of Go Find It’s favourite clients, Vida Downtown Dubai, has been awarded a

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Get to know the man behind Paris
Eugenia | 3 February

There is a reason why Paris is the way it is today. The name of the reason is Baron Haussmann

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10 radical travel trends for 2016
Eugenia | 29 January

Last year was full of innovations when it came to travel and we can’t wait to see what 2016 will

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Top 20 Travel Books
Eugenia | 27 January

Winter is in full swing and many are looking forward to warmer days or vacations at the seaside. Before you book

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Two gentle female hands protecting the planet Earth

Earth image credits: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Image by Reto Stšckli (land surface, shallow water, clouds). Enhancements by Robert Simmon (ocean color, compositing, 3D globes, animation). Data and technical support: MODIS Land Group; MODIS Science Data Support Team; MODIS Atmosphere Group; MODIS Ocean Group Additional data: USGS EROS Data Center (topography); USGS Terrestrial Remote Sensing Flagstaff Field Center (Antarctica); Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (city lights).
How to target 1,2 billion clients at a time
Eugenia | 24 January

Would you like to know how to target 1,2 billion people at a time? At Go Find It we have

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A logo sits on a glass panel inside the Kongress Zentrum, also known as Congress Center, the venue of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, on Monday, Jan. 19, 2015. This week World leaders, influential executives, bankers and policy makers will attend the 45th annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos that runs from Jan. 21-24. Photographer: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg via Getty Images
Go Find It at World Economic Forum in Davos
Caitlin Funk | 21 January

The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos-Klosters remains the top creative force for engaging the world leaders in collaborative

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Caitlin Funk | 21 January

Content is key to success and at Go Find It we believe it is important to offer that content in

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France is not just Paris
Eugenia | 18 January

Are you planning a vacation to France and you are wondering on where to go besides Paris? Some people say

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Old books on a wooden shelf. No labels, blank spine.
10 Business Books to Read in 2016
Eugenia | 15 January

If any of your New Year’s resolutions included reading more and being more active, there is a list of books

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The Future of Virtual and Augmented Reality
Eugenia | 13 January
There is a chance that Virtual and Augmented Reality will entirely change our lives. A lot of it still sounds
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Top 10 Destinations for 2016
Eugenia | 28 December
A lot of New Year’s resolutions include more traveling and new travel destinations. With 2016 just around the corner, maybe
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Caitlin Funk | 23 December

As we spend our days tethered to our cellphone screens more and more, whether it is because of work, communication, or

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G​o​ Find ​I​t finalizes integration with Springer-Miller Systems
Eugenia | 22 December

We are happy to announce that the Go Find It development team has just finalized the technology integration with Springer-Miller

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Eugenia | 22 December
Season’s Greetings from all of us at Go Find it With the holidays just around the corner, we, from the
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NEW YORK CITY - JUL 4: New York City Manhattan Independence Day firework show in Hudson River as annual traditional event to celebrate the birth of United States, July 4, 2010 in Manhattan, New York City.
Caitlin Funk | 21 December

As this year comes to a close, millions of people are packing their bags to visit the top destinations to

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Photography Classes in Paris
Eugenia | 18 December
Looking for a perfect gift for your loved ones for Christmas? Forget about shower baskets bought last minute because we
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Smiling sandy snowman in red santa hat on the sea beach. Holiday concept can be used for New Year and Christmas Cards
Caitlin Funk | 16 December

For some, it doesn’t truly feel like the holidays without spending the long winter nights curled up by the fireplace hiding

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Caitlin Funk | 15 December

The beautiful canals of Venice invite over 20 million tourists a year to experience the Floating City and its rich history.

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Eugenia | 9 December

With the holidays just around the corner, many start thinking about their New Year and their resolutions. How about a

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blog screenshot
Go Find It in the press
Caitlin Funk | 4 December
Check out what our CEO Thomas Martensson has to say about mobile strategies in the hotel industry!
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Content is key for mobile success
Marie Muysers | 2 December

Imagine leafing through your favourite magazine or daily newspaper only to find the same text and content three days in

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Maxime Ritter | 1 December
We are looking for a Lead UX/UI Designer that wants to join the leader in our market GO FIND IT
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10 Trends changing travel in a big way
Marie Muysers | 25 November

With a taste for the finer things in life and a desire to share experiences via social media, today’s travelers,

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Go Find It is hiring
Caitlin Funk | 24 November
Mobile is changing the world. Just an app won’t do it anymore. Smart apps with integration connection into everything that
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Pacific Islander businesswoman sleeping on private jet
How to sleep like a travel pro
Marie Muysers | 16 November

When you’re traveling long distances, getting those precious z’s can be hard. Whether it’s cramped seating, shifting temperatures, or a snoring

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Sunday Strolls around Paris
Jennifer Govea | 13 November
The best way to explore Paris is on foot, and the best day for it is Sunday! With so many
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100k followers for Go Find It
Marie Muysers | 12 November

It’s not like us to pat ourselves on the back, but on this occasion we think it’s deserved: we now

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The Palazzo Versace app is live!
Marie Muysers | 3 November
If you're looking to discover Dubai like an insider, look no further than the Palazzo Versace app. With a City
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ECOCAPSULE: Redefining dwelling with a spirit of freedom
Marie Muysers | 2 November

Ecocapsule is the latest brainchild of Nice Architects, a young architectural studio based in Bratislava, Slovakia. Designing everything from private

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The latest from Apple
Marie Muysers | 30 October
The future of television is here. TV is a major part of our lives. We gather together around our big
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Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 18.11.56
We never stop
Thomas Martensson | 20 October
There's a reason why we're the no°1 provider of apps for the luxury hotel industry and it's not just our
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Go Find it Just Launched a Brand New Market: Japan
Alison Shafer | 9 October

In the past 12 months at Go Find It, we have launched our applications in Mandarin, Arabic, Russian, Korean, and

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M Gallery Mobile Solution is Launched
Thomas Martensson | 6 October
The beautiful M Gallery property Hôtel Baltimore Paris Champs Elysées can now reach a world of new guests via their
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Instagram Travel Inspiration
Alison Shafer | 6 October
As those long summer nights transform into consecutive days of rain, it is safe to say that winter is steadfastly
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Caitlin Funk | 6 October

With Paris Fashion Week coming to a close, you may find yourself digging through your suitcase, unable to find that perfect

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rosa sur seine
Rosa Bonheur Sur Seine
Marie Muysers | 6 October
Just as I was about to give up on Paris after a particularly hard day, a packed metro and one
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Grand Hyatt Seoul_Mobile Apps Launching
Go Find It has landed in Seoul, South Korea
Thomas Martensson | 1 October
We are very excited to announce Go Find It’s debut in Seoul with our very first hotel, The Grand Hyatt
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The Go Find It team with Melissa Zaidi, PR and Marketing Executive in the Hilton London Syon Park’s Marco Pierre White restaurant
Beacons Live at the Hilton London Syon Park
Marie Muysers | 29 September
The Go Find It team with MELISSA ZAIDI, PR and Marketing Executive in the Hilton London Syon Park’s Marco Pierre
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Maxime Ritter | 17 September

Apple chief executive Tim Cook recently unveiled the company’s latest products at its annual showcase event in San Francisco on

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Maxime Ritter | 9 September

We are proud to announce that one of Go Find It’s loyal clients, Hotel Metropole Monaco Monte-Carlo, was awarded “Monaco’s

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Maxime Ritter | 2 September

Virtual Reality replicates an environment of choice using sophisticated technology and simulates for the user, his physical presence in this

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Maxime Ritter | 26 August

Over the last decade, partly because of the growing concern and outrage surrounding the state of the planet and its

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Maxime Ritter | 20 August

In today’s highly digital fast-paced world where information is constantly being thrown at us, more and more of us are

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Maxime Ritter | 12 August

When it comes to travelling across borders, not all passports are equal. So which nationalities fare the best and why?

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Maxime Ritter | 4 August

Did I remember to lock the front door? Are the lights still on? Did I set the alarm? New robots

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Maxime Ritter | 28 July

Go Find It, leader in mobile solutions for luxury hotels with a global client base, is proud to announce the

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Maxime Ritter | 28 July

It’s no secret that Google Maps is just about any traveler’s favourite companion. Now you can go one step further:

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Marie Muysers | 25 July

  Go Find It is excited to launch the latest Beacon technology! These cutting-edge devices will transform your mobile app

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Louis | 17 July
For many the summer brings warm weather and longer days in which to enjoy the outdoors. As we approach the
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5 tips to renew the customer experience via mobile
Marie Muysers | 17 July

Today’s customers are ultra connected meaning there is a growing expectation for seamless and personalised interactions via a mobile app.

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Louis | 16 July
Today inexpensive and easily accessible transportation are making new travel experiences across the world possible for all kinds of travellers
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How connected are your travels?
Marie Muysers | 22 June

Over the past few decades, times have changed. People, especially younger generations, are travelling more and more and seem to

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The future of travel: what will holidays look like in ten years?
Marie Muysers | 17 June

With the world becoming increasingly wireless, and our limits of possibility receding by the day, the face of travelling is

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User generated content
Marie Muysers | 17 June

It’s a nondescript Tuesday evening, and you’re browsing through your Facebook newsfeed, looking enviously at your friends’ latest holiday adventure

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How HITEC are you?
Marie Muysers | 17 June

This week, the Austin Convention Centre in Texas is hosting the world’s largest Hospitality Technology show and Go Find It

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Favourite Streets in Europe:
Marie Muysers | 15 June

It’s no secret that Europe is filled with charming cities and one-of-a kind experiences in some of the least expected

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World’s Largest Hotel in 2017
Marie Muysers | 2 June

  Move over The Venetian Las Vegas, there will soon be a new contender for the largest hotel in the

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Are you connected?
Marie Muysers | 2 June

  At Go Find It we know that the hotel experience starts well before the check-in. Guests are using mobile

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The Black Box: Success at the ATM, Dubai
Marie Muysers | 17 May

  We just got back from Dubai’s largest travel market ATM (Arabian Travel Market), where over 3,000 exhibitors from the

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Go Find It takes over the world, one country at a time
Marie Muysers | 17 May

  What do The Seychelles, The Maldives, Vietnam, and Mauritius all have in common? Aside from being dream vacation destinations,

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Favourite Food Cities in the World
Marie Muysers | 12 May

  The food scene is evolving and top international food chefs have already started to compile a list of their

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Your Favourite Apps on the Apple Watch
Marie Muysers | 12 May

  Now that the Apple Watch is officially out in stores, it’s time to figure out how we will fit

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Rosewood Hotel Organic Market: A SLOW spring awakening
Marie Muysers | 22 April

  The SLOW (sustainable, local, organic, wholesome) movement has made it rounds in the top cities of the world and

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36 hours on the Left Bank
Marie Muysers | 22 April

  Rive Droite ou Rive Gauche? If you visit Paris you’re bound to hear people mention these two terms referring

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50 things to do in Europe
Marie Muysers | 22 April

  With summer just a couple months away it’s time to start vacation planning (or dreaming)! How will you be

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Food Trends in 2015
Marie Muysers | 22 April

  Attention all foodies! 2015 is packed with new food trends breaking away from tradition and making room for emerging

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Dubai launches planet’s first temperature controlled city
Marie Muysers | 17 April

  If you thought Dubai couldn’t get more extravagant, you’d be wrong. In what seems like a plot taken straight

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Travel the world with Go Find It’s City Guides
Marie Muysers | 14 April

  Here at Go Find It, it is our mission to deliver the highest quality content in the most efficient

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SOFITEL The Palm Dubai goes all out with their App launch!
Marie Muysers | 24 March

  SOFITEL The Palm Dubai has launched a one-of-a-kind campaign promoting their application. All over the property you can now

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Our Top 10 Cities
Marie Muysers | 19 March

Everyone needs a change of scenery from time to time, so we’ve rounded up our top ten cities in the

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Go Find it now offers Arabic as a language!
Marie Muysers | 19 March

Content is key to success and at Go Find we believe it is important to offer that content in the

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Go Find It hits ITB Berlin
Marie Muysers | 11 March

  Berlin served as the home to the world’s largest tourism trade fair this past weekend, hosting 10,000 exhibitors from 5

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The world’s top 25 roads
Marie Muysers | 6 March

  Nothing says ‘freedom’ more than speeding down the highway with the wind in your hair. Check these amazing roads

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The world’s top 25 beaches
Marie Muysers | 23 February

  With no seeming end in sight to winter, it’s easy to find yourself daydreaming of sun, sea and surf,

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These shoes were made for walking
Marie Muysers | 22 February

5 of the best styles to get you through airport security without even having to put down your latte. Ballet

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New record for Go Find It!
Marie Muysers | 18 February

Our 2015 has started off with a bang thanks to over 23K followers on Instagram and 55K on Twitter thanks

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The Hotel Industry’s Race To Escape The Dinosaur Age
Marie Muysers | 18 February

“Keyless check-in, mobile booking, and entire boutique brands dedicated to luring technology-minded globetrotters illustrate how far the world’s biggest hotel

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Royal Monceau Raffles Paris elected Best Hotel in France
Marie Muysers | 2 February

Le Royal Monceau Raffles Paris, one of our first clients in Paris, has been voted ‘Best Hotel in France’ across

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The lucky number: Meet our 8 latest recruits
Marie Muysers | 2 February

We’d like to introduce you to the latest additions to the Go Find It family: 8 to be precise. The

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Go Find It signs with the Sofitel Dubai The Palm
Marie Muysers | 2 February

We are very excited to announce that we have recently signed the Sofitel Dubai The Palm, one of the biggest

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Go Find It upgrades to bigger offices in Paris
Marie Muysers | 2 February

With new additions to the Development and Content teams, Go Find It has experienced something of a growth spurt over

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Apps and Social Media are changing the way people travel
Marie Muysers | 2 February

Gone are the days of weighty guidebooks, travel agencies and trawling through magazines to plan the perfect trip. Nowadays, all

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Louis | 10 December
We are looking for a Senior Android Developer that wants to be part of something bigger GO FIND IT Launched
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Hello Dubai!
Marie Muysers | 28 November

  We’re happy to announce that Go Find It is now live in Dubai, the city where literally anything is possible.

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Go Find It, proud members of HOSPA and HTNG
Marie Muysers | 28 November

We recently became fully fledged members of HOSPA and HTNG, both key players in the hospitality industry. Thanks to its

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A five star mobile experience
Marie Muysers | 28 November

  Make sure your guests get the most out of their stay in your city with the Go Find It

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New Keyless Hotel Rooms
Marie Muysers | 5 November

Go Find It believes mobile is the future of the hotel industry, and it looks like Starwood is the newest

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From the Content Team, if you’re in Paris:
Marie Muysers | 24 October

  Paris has been waiting for this day, and it has finally come. The Picasso museum is reopening its doors

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Go Find It #1 in the World
Marie Muysers | 8 October

  Dear Friends and Clients,We are proud to be able to announce that in September 2014, Go Find It became

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Why is the Starbucks app the most successful mobile payment system in the US?
Marie Muysers | 25 September

  Its weekly transactions go up to $6 million in the U.S. alone, accounting for 15% of all transactions made at

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From the Content Team, if you’re in London:
Marie Muysers | 23 September

  Romantic painter John Constable’s paintings did well in France during his lifetime, but he only ever sold 20 in

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Mobile bookings growing faster than desktop
Marie Muysers | 17 September

  Mobile travel bookings have increased 20% in the first semester of 2014. The company Criteo recently published its Travel

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iPhone 6, your new travel gadget
Marie Muysers | 12 September

So the big day came and lived up to its expectations. Not one but 2 new iPhones! and the long-awaited

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From the Content Team: Paris Design Week
Marie Muysers | 9 September

Exhibits and festive parties every day of the week, throught the whole city. The event is planned as an itinerary,

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Apple and its new mobile payment system
Marie Muysers | 2 September

Apple will be reportedly announcing its new mobile payment system next week, alongside the long-awaited iPhone 6 (and iWatch as

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The iWatch is around the corner
Marie Muysers | 29 August

Everybody is waiting for September 9th! Why? Well, because the new iPhone 6 will be revealed, but that´s not all!

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Should your hotel get a mobile app?
Marie Muysers | 26 August

If you are a hotel doubting whether to take the “mobile” jump, here you have some important reasons that will

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The world´s most intriguing and futuristic bar: The Interval
Marie Muysers | 25 August

The Long Now Foundation it´s not your average foundation, it was created to promote long-term thinking, to foster responsibility in

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From the Content Team: Shakespeare – Greatest Living Playwright
Marie Muysers | 1 August

To mark of the 450th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s birth, this display in the V&A’s Theatre galleries explores Shakespeare’s works

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Does your hotel really have WiFi connection?
Marie Muysers | 25 July

We stumbled upon this cool idea created by Hotel Wifi Test, a company that collects, analyzes and distributes data about

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When Paris becomes a beach!
Marie Muysers | 22 July

Paris Plages (Paris Beach), it’s 5 000 tons of sand spread over 2 sites: The Georges Pompidou road and its

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Apple and IBM join forces
Marie Muysers | 15 July

Apple has announced a partnership that will benefit from the strengths of both companies: IBM will use its sales force

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From the Content Team: festival Les Etés de la Danse Paris
Marie Muysers | 9 July

Since its beginning, the festival Les Etés de la Danse (Summers of Dance) has been making the public discover some

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The “internet of things” may not always need an internet connection
Marie Muysers | 4 July

This article of the website Qz, as we’ve mentioned before, the “Internet of Things” is now a reality, more and

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From our content team: Summer Streets on Regent Street
Marie Muysers | 1 July

Every Sunday in July Regent Street will be pedestrianized for a street party, with the festivities taking on a different

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Push Notifications
Marie Muysers | 24 June

This article talks about how mobile marketing is everything these days, but not enough to inform customers about sales and

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Street dancers perform on June 21, 2011 in front of the Eiffel tower in Paris, as part of the 30th annual music event, "La Fete de la Musique". Thousands of musicians took to the streets and stages across France today for one of the nation's most popular festivals celebrating rhythm and sound.AFP PHOTO MIGUEL MEDINA (Photo credit should read MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP/Getty Images)
Fête de la Musique!
Marie Muysers | 20 June

Tomorrow is one of the most awaited festivities in Paris! An entire day dedicated to music, and bringing people together

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Is Amazon on the verge of releasing its own smartphone?
Marie Muysers | 18 June

It´s been some time since this rumor has been flying around the web: a mobile device by Amazon. This is

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World Cup Fever
Marie Muysers | 13 June

Yes, you might have heard something about it, the games started yesterday and there’s World Cup fever all over the

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When you wish upon a star
Marie Muysers | 12 June

We’re happy to introduce you our two new partners: Dream Castle and Magic Circus hotels. They’re part of the magical Disneyland Paris complex. The

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Are phone calls starting to become a thing of the past?
Marie Muysers | 3 June

Reports predict that voice traffic through mobile phones will reach its peak in 2015 and then it will start decreasing

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From the Paris Content Team: you can now enjoy the historic Piscine Molitor
Marie Muysers | 29 May

Reopened since the 19th of May, after 25 years closed, the Molitor swimming pool is a perfect replica of the

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Steve Jobs
Marie Muysers | 27 May

Today we leave you this gem, a very inspiring (and a bit long) video by a young and already wise

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The Internet of Things by 2025
Marie Muysers | 23 May

The Pew Research Center, recently published a report about the Internet of Things and how it will thrive by 2025.

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Top Seven Photo Opportunities around London
Marie Muysers | 20 May

Our Content Team gives us their suggestions for the stop spots to snap a pic in the city: Houses of

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Happy weekend!
Marie Muysers | 16 May

Paris is so sunny today that we want to share with you a picture of where our team had lunch

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IHG Davos and GFI Technologies
Marie Muysers | 12 May

You know that very cool-looking hotel in Davos? The golden, egg-shaped one that looks just out of a movie? Well,

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NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 21:  Sonja S. Wong poses with a new Apple iPhone 5 outside the Apple Fifth Avenue flagship store on the first morning it went on sale on September 21, 2012 in New York City. Customers lined up for days to purchase the hotly anticipated device which went on sale nationwide today.  (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)
The majority of Americans are using smartphones
Marie Muysers | 7 May

VentureBeat talks about how the American society is now mobile-oriented, even seniors! That’s 51% of people over 55, and 70% of

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The best smartphones in the world
Marie Muysers | 5 May

A recent article by Business Insider just ranked the best smartphones right now in the market. There’s a lot of

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Traveling and mobile technology
Marie Muysers | 23 April

Matador Network is a really cool all-things-travel website. Their article The way we travel is totally different, thanks to mobile technology;

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What do we expect from the future?
Marie Muysers | 18 April

We stumbled across this article by the Pew Research Center where they talk about the things Americans think will exist in the

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Postcard from Paris
Marie Muysers | 15 April

Spring is at its peak!

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Apps, the sharks of mobile experience
Marie Muysers | 2 April

We were very happy to read this chart from Business Insider (although we already knew it!). It’s very self-explanatory, it shows

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Postcard from Paris
Marie Muysers | 1 April

This picture was taken by one of our journalists, this little street has been a well-kept secret but not for

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From the Content Team: Treasure hunting at Saint-Ouen Flea Market
Marie Muysers | 25 March

Recognized as the largest antique market in the world, the Saint-Ouen Flea Market is almost like a museum. With unique items

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Personalization and the hospitality industry
Marie Muysers | 18 March

This industry is becoming more and more aware of the importance and power of customization. In this year’s report of

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Greetings from Paris!
Marie Muysers | 14 March

We share with you this lovely Parisian Friday! “Spring is the time of plans and projects.” ― Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

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Nat Geo´s Photo of the Day
Marie Muysers | 4 March

We love National Geographic, but then again, who doesn’t? We share today their Photo of the Day : Breaking the Ice.

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Are hotel room keys disappearing?
Marie Muysers | 28 February

  In a recent article published by Quartz, the subject of the possible disappearance of hotel room keys changes the classic conceptions of

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From the Content Team: Atelier Renault and “So French” by 5.5
Marie Muysers | 26 February

Renault, as you might know, is a French car brand that has been supporting art for many years. Reason why

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Welcome Royal Monceau Raffles Paris
Marie Muysers | 21 February

It is with great pleasure that we welcome the prestigious Royal Monceau – Raffles Paris as one of our most recent

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From our London Content Team: Have a cocktail with the most fashionable crowds in town
Marie Muysers | 17 February

Image Oskar’s Bar As you might know, this week in London is all about Fashion. With celebrities roaming around the city,

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From the Content Team: Sopi – The IT neighborhood in Paris
Marie Muysers | 7 February

Pigalle is known for its shady side, but this was some years ago. Now, the neighborhood has a whole different

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10 day-to-day keys of success
Marie Muysers | 4 February

Here at the Content Team, we love Elite Daily, a website full of inspirational articles guiding people in the different

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Hospitality Industry and Mobile Strategy
Marie Muysers | 31 January

We loved this article about the Hospitality Industry dipping their toes on mobile technology. They talk about the common goals of

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Will 2014 be “The year of the Internet of things”?
Marie Muysers | 28 January

What exactly is the Internet of things? In the business-oriented website Quartz, this subject is thoroughly treated with a series of

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Capture d’écran 2015-07-31 à 13.22.05
Paris vs London
Marie Muysers | 24 January

New stats have shown that London, besides its gray skies and rainy days, has beat Paris as the world’s most

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Our January Marrakech Workshop
Marie Muysers | 21 January

At the beginning of January, we decided it was time for a GFI workshop: refresh our minds, rethink our strategy,

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La galette des rois et sa couronne
Note from our content team: La Galette des Rois
Marie Muysers | 17 January

You might have seen a lot of these (pictured above) everywhere in Paris since the beginning of the month, all

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Understand why mobile apps are the NEXT BIG THING
Marie Muysers | 14 January

A very interesting article published in http://www.mobilemarketinguniverse.com/, talks about the forecast of the most important trends in the mobile marketing world

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Young plant evolution on light background
Keep on growing
Marie Muysers | 20 December

There´s no doubt our team is growing fast, we need new talent to push harder, go further, follow our ambitions.

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The world’s gone mobile
Marie Muysers | 12 December

Newsweek recently published the article: “Hotels content with a surge in flash travel”. Here, they talk about the changing landscape of the

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GFI officially in London
Marie Muysers | 5 December

Go Find It is now officially in London! After a successful venture in Paris, we are now looking forward to

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Marie Muysers | 15 November

Our international team is getting bigger and bigger. This week we say hello to Carolina, our Brazilian import in charge

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And the # 1 spot goes to… Paris!
Marie Muysers | 31 October

  On the “Lonely Planet Best on Travel 2014 – Top 10 cities” list, you’ll find impossibly beautiful Paris on

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We say hello to L’ Hotel
Marie Muysers | 30 October

We are excited to be working from now on with L’ Hotel, a 4-star luxury hotel in Saint-Germain-des-Prés. This place

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London here we come!
Marie Muysers | 30 October

After our first successful year in Paris, we are more than ready to take new challenges and new markets. Our

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October in Paris
Marie Muysers | 29 October

A week in Paris through the Instagram viewfinder of our Content Manager. As Hemingway wisely wrote: “If you are lucky

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Android, the sky is the limit
Marie Muysers | 28 October

  We’ve gone Android! This great news is making our clients very happy, seen that they’re now able to reach over 93%

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Our new GFI import
Marie Muysers | 27 October

A very nice Southern California girl has joined our content team. Her name is Caitlin and she puts the Funk

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Welcome Hôtel Castille
Marie Muysers | 22 October

Our newest client is a drop-dead gorgeous hotel in a super chic street in Paris (rue Cambon, known for being

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Capture d’écran 2015-07-31 à 13.38.42
A new hotel section!
Marie Muysers | 5 September

Michael talks about our new hotel section. Don´t miss it!  

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Article of the week: The art of dining alone in Paris
Marie Muysers | 5 September

It’s not always easy to eat alone, and we find it hard to go to a restaurant and take time

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Marie Muysers | 5 September

Welcome to our Go Find It blog! Here, we´ll be sharing everything happening in our ever growing start-up, as well

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