Our powerful CMS handles content & features of both iOS and Android apps, in a clear and simple interface.


We offer various types of app structures and layouts, as well as numerous design customisations. Your app is unique and always in line with your brand guidelines.


We offer a tailor-made content service for Hotels & Resorts all around the world. Your Concierge does the recommending and we do the writing, all in your name and in the languages you choose.


With our optimised and intuitive setup, you can have your hotel app live in less than 3 weeks! No development fee and no publication fee.


Our teams train your staff and advise you on Mobile Strategy. Managing your app performance, editing and uploading content, Community Management tools and features won’t be a secret to you anymore.


Through our CMS Dashboard or through the powerful new Brain App, you will be able to monitor your app performance in terms of download numbers, countries, sessions, popular items, shares and a lot more.


Your premium services deserve to be in the limelight. With our app, every single one of your facilities can be integrated and promoted exclusively: send push notifications about spa deals, invite guests for a welcome drinks at the bar and explore new ways to up-sell your property.

Turn your app into the paradigm of hotel booking. As a Micros (Oracle) partner, we will never charge commission for transferring direct bookings to your Channel Manager, unlike costly OTAs. Your resort will feature in the shop windows of the world’s most popular mobile stores, iTunes and Google Play, and you will benefit from essential marketing advice, support and tools.

Say no to folding maps and roaming charges! Your guests can discover all of the city’s hidden gems provided by your Concierge. Guests can filter according to interests, anything from local restaurants to excursions, in this ease to use, downloadable map.

An app is the perfect way to get guests talking about you online. With a Go Find It app, guests can share articles and other content on social media or as a direct link to the hotel website and the App Store. With hundreds of new, multilingual articles every month, you have best tool available to push content, engage your audience and boost your SEO.

Engage your guests from the off by taking advantage of our “In-App Competition” feature, which encourages guests to use your application and interact with your brand. Make your guests feel extra special with rewards for using your app within the first month post-launch. Why not gift them a stay at your property?

Push messages to your guests in real time, notify them when their room is ready, target your audience depending on location, reward regular guests and invite them to join your loyalty programme… All this is now possible with our powerful CMS interface. Guests can be contacted individually or by group, which is great for welcome and farewell messages, and reminders to leave a review on TripAdvisor!

Triggers are vital to understanding how to sell to your guests. Send unlimited and automated push notifications to your guests based on their app behaviour. Maximise your up-selling potential without having to trawl through and analyse pages of data! Why not schedule a push reminder notification 20 minutes after a guest has viewed your spa section but not made a purchase?

Make your guests love your hotel and your city. Go Find It is the only company to offer destination driven in-app Lifestyle Magazines across all 5 continents and available in 12 languages. Our City and Lifestyle Guides cover a wide range of interests, including leisure, culture, gastronomy and family. An invaluable source for all guests and a great way of boosting your SEO with Google indexed content.

Enhance your guests’ stay and up-sell your outlets with the latest Beacon technology. Installed in a bar, for example, a Beacon can automatically send a pre-determined push notification to guests entering for the first time (WELCOME TO THE POOL BAR: show this message to your bartender to enjoy a complimentary drink). Beacons recognise a second or third visit and send messages as desired.

We write and update your own bespoke City Guide. With the help of your concierge service, we can provide your guests with the best interactive tool for top recommendations, maps and city explorations.

Access your app statistics and performance through our platform. The dedicated Brain App even lets you review redeemed vouchers and print reports on the go.