Go Find It's New Mobile Solution makes Emaar Hospitality Group the most connected Hospitality Group in the world

The world’s first “Brand Focused“ applications have now been launched by Go Find It Technologies. Emaar Hospitality Group is the first Hotel Company in the world to adopt the new strategy. All brand apps across the group are now connected into one back-end platform that delivers access to key features like room booking, restaurant booking, loyalty program, POS and PMS — creating One Smart Ecosystem and delivering a unique guest experience.

The new solution allows each hotel brand within Emaar Hospitality Group to engage more actively with guests, as content can be offered in a more brand relevant and destination relevant fashion. This is in contrast with the "One App" approach that has been the standard in the Industry. The initial results point to a guest engagement of up to 80 %. The Brand App strategy also allows Emaar to measure real time data of user behavior, which gives the opportunity to tailor make instant offers to the guests, driving revenue and up-sales in a new way.

"When every single hotel group is working on a digital transformation solution, we are especially proud that Emaar Hospitality Group is the first to bring this to market. The solution that Go Find It and the Emaar Hospitality Group team have delivered and the new ideas incorporated are paving the way for continued growth and success in our business”, says Chris Newman, Chief Operating Officer of Emaar Hospitality Group.

“In recent years, the hospitality industry has lost significant ground to players like Booking.com, Expedia and TripAdvisor, which now have a market cap of 111 billion USD”, says Thomas Martensson, CEO of Go Find It.“This is more than the combined value of the ten major hotel groups in the world. Digital transformation should be the single most important objective for all hotel group owners and managers.”

"It’s no longer enough to have One big group app. The stickiness and engagement levels are not enough to compete with players like Booking.com, Airbnb and other 3rd parties. Each brand needs its own identity and a digital presence that covers all assets in the property and the destination. A Brand App strategy provides that missing link, and allows the Hoteliers and the Groups to reach the levels of engagement needed to start bypassing the 3rd party suppliers. The opportunity is massive for the Hospitality groups, and we are proud that Emaar Hospitality Group have selected Go Find It Technology as their partner for this venture." continues Thomas Martensson.

The Proof is in the Numbers

The first Go Find It application for Emaar Hospitality was launched in December 2015, for the upscale boutique hotel Vida Downtown Dubai. It quickly became one of the most downloaded hotel applications in the Middle East. Go Find It has steadily aimed for engagement levels at over 80 % per app, a level which they have been able to deliver consistently for similar properties over the years. Meanwhile, the traditional strategy in the Industry has been delivering around 4 % engagement ( as of December 2016 )

“What this means is that 80 guests out of each 100 will be using the apps. In contrast, if you were to look at the top 10 hotel groups in the world and their digital strategies, the results have been poor, touching only around 4 guests out of every 100 on average. This presents dangers as any brand must engage in the mobile context to attract business and create loyalty”, says Thomas Martensson

At the same time, Go Find It and Emaar Hospitality Group have worked together to deliver a broader platform featuring a fully connected and integrated mobile solution across all five of Emaar’s hotel brands. Each individual hotel application offer exclusive content and engages guests with a tone of voice suitable for the brand. It supports full connectivity not only with the hotel’s booking engines for rooms and restaurants, but also the PMS/POS and the U By Emaar loyalty program.

Insights like never before

Analytics is key to anyone that wants to understand their customers and optimize sales. But to be able to gather analytics you first need to provide a platform and content to collect data points.

Go Find It offers all of this data in real time, by providing content about the hotel, the hotel’s restaurants, the hotel’s destination, and more. This allows our clients to create bespoke offers to their guests, based on their preference and taste. The ability to create offers unique to guests’ taste, in their native language, provides an enormous opportunity to create value both for the guests themselves, and the hotel. This value not only applies to individual hotels, but also provides the head offices with a massive benefit. This data cannot be collected in any other way, or through any other CRM system on the market today, because the way we interact with our phones is unique.

Go Find It's Business Intelligence tool tracks all user behavior recorded by the guest-facing app, from buying patterns to engagement and advanced user behavior, which allows our clients to fully understand their guests’ needs, as well as drill down into different demographics in a way that was not previously possible.

We at Go Find It love hospitality, and we would love to work with you. Our passion is to help hoteliers all around the world enhance their services through our mobile platform. Please don’t hesitate to contact us regarding any questions you may have.

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