Seminar Highlights

Roman Goetsch, General Manager of Westin Mauritius, talks about the positive experiences and feedback and the success of their hotel’s mobile application

What motivated you to go mobile?

The success of our latest seminar at Royal Monceau Raffles in Paris has generated an increasing amount of interest. Our guest speakers and host bore testimony to the growing success of our venture and we are more than happy to share with you the key points of the events.

We discussed the advantage of mobile to build a better business. The reality of today’s travel and tourism sector highlights a very important trend that we aim to use at our and our clients’ advantage. The model of the traditional web is being surpassed, though not entirely supplanted, it is clear that mobile web is more and more relevant. The phone is a universal device; it is up to hotels to explore this uncharted territory of the industry to build a better relationship with their clients.

The timing is perfect for action, to engage thoroughly with guests through mobile application. The expertises that hotels have to offer are important, which combined with our research and development have given birth to some of the most downloaded hotel mobile applications.

We realized a few years back that all the precious information, the restaurants guests look at, which rooms capture their interest, the menus they read, their country of destination, their country of origin, the duration of their sessions and everything within the application, could be collected and cultivated within a new system we call Brain App. In 30 seconds hotels can learn what interests their clients and use this data to improve their customer service. The content you provide is also important and the success of the product relies on the passion of the staff and the commitment of the hoteliers. The project is in its infancy, but success is guaranteed if you are willing to challenge the norm and engage clients interactively, passionately. Pride and love for your business is essential to its success.

Guest speaker, Julien Hugon, Travel Lead at Facebook, also revealed a few key aspects and expert tips concerning the rise of mobile. Mark Zuckerberg himself predicted this trend, people spending more and more time engaging with businesses and services through their phone and today, no Facebook product is supplied to users without it being mobile friendly. Every industry faces 3 big challenges that Facebook has managed to successfully navigate and use to their advantage: 1) the increasing amount of times people spend on their phones 2) how mobile discovery influences consumer behaviour and 3) the fragmented consumer journey across different interfaces.

Magnus Jern, president of DMI International, talked us through the importance of reinventing companies through mobility; reinventing -not just mobilizing- what we have and the difference between the two approaches. There are so many things that can influence mobile trends and this 4th mobile revolution can break or make a company. Being a winner in the age of mobile takes courage. Technologies are sometimes ahead of their time and we can’t all be innovators, but understanding the demands, the problems, the possible solutions and the market and using it to your business’ advantage while in the midst of a revolution is very important, fast followers can build their success on new trends and should adopt new technologies as fast as their competitors.

The amazing brands, properties and the assets that most in the Hotel Industry have are invaluable and combined with the opportunities brought on by mobile who knows what can be achieved.

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