The world of mobile by Go Find it, DMI and Facebook

Seminar at royal M Raffles

We had a great Seminar at Royal M Raffles last Tuesday, a great crowd and this is only the beginning. We will soon launch an even bigger event, so stay tuned.

At Go Find It we believe that the world will change fast for businesses, the world of mobile opens up a whole array of opportunities, for the hotel industry its most likely the best way to build success, the first race on web was lost to players like, Expedia and a few others, they did great, they were very fast and savvy in the digital world.

However we believe that the brands and brand recognition that many of the great hoteliers have is much stronger and they possess a tradition that none of the new players have.

The time to use this is now, that’s why we at Go Find It invited some of the most influential speakers from Facebook and DMI to talk about the future of mobile, the future of the hotel industry.

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