The Story behind the success of Grand Hyatt Seoul going mobile

Yes, the rumours are true

The Grand Hyatt Seoul Hotel application has become one of the most downloaded applications in South Korea since its launch a year ago. We were eager to know what became the reason of the success of the application on AppStore and Google Play. Adrian Slater, the General Manager of Grand Hyatt Seoul Hotel has agreed to answer our questions.

Adrian Slater: I think it’s a sign of the times — more and more people today want the information at their fingertips. Why wouldn’t we provide it to them? That was really the main thought process behind it. Moreover, I think the App is providing functions that the concierge does. The difference is that the guests are able to anticipate their trip in advance. The App features the hotel, the events around the city, tourist attractions, etc., which is also the service that a concierge does but it allows to take the work load off the concierge and let the guests customize their trips. It is thinking what your customer wants and not what we think they want.

All of us at Go Find It HQ are excited to be part of one of the most diverse cities in the world, and looking forward to having you there with us. See you at the beach!

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