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    Content is king, as accurately stated in an article written by Bill Gates in 1996. Today we can safely say that he was right. Imagine reading your favorite Magazine or TV channel and every single day it is the same articles, same pictures, same stories – it would not take very long before you cancel your subscription. A mobile application is no different, without continuously updated and fresh material your guests will be exposed to same pictures, same content every time they open the app. We can safely say that he or she will also soon delete your application if the content is not enhancing their experience 

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  • This is exactly what is happening with the Big Group Hotels apps - the engagement and conversation is very low. In the last report from February 2017, less than 4% of the guests in the mayor groups have downloaded their apps simple because they do not add customer value by only containing booking engines and loyalty programs connected within the app. 

    Amazing things happen when you add rich, relevant content into the application.  Destination driven content with high quality City Guides gives value to the guest and is the main driver of guest engagement

    At Go Find It we have during the last 4 years built up an extensive data base of City Guides in over 70 Cites spread across 28 countries around the world. We daily feed our City Guides with fresh, bespoke content for our Clients guest. We offer in total 12 different languages, making sure that guests can get access to content in their own native language. 

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